Time Is Now


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released February 8, 2017



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ECOSTRIKE Pembroke Pines, Florida

Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore from South Florida.

Carry The Weight Records

Lennon, Jared, Schultz 305, LukeStrike, and Mario

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Track Name: Shadows Flee From Fire
The time is now
to let the truth burn free,
as shadows flee from fire.
I know inside my heart:
this is my fight.

I’m not afraid to fall,
to take this leap of faith.
To set ablaze this spark
as embers swallow me alive.
Ignite this burning passion
as dawn makes way to day.
This is my chance to break the cycle
and I won’t turn away.

I fear not the darkest night
as shadows flee from fire.
deny my voice no longer:
let the truth inside my heart burn free.
Track Name: Seeds Of Separation
Have you lost sight of what stands before us?
your eyes are blind
as you nurture this divide.
casting stones, casting judgement.
Afraid to push against the grain
so you sew the seeds of separation.

I won’t turn away and let you tear what I love apart.
Look me in the eye and see we are one in the same
Track Name: Act Of Militance
Prisoners of greed
Victimized from birth
stolen from their families
to satisfy humanity's ignorance
a sword to slice mind
in pieces filled by a void
of hopelessness and impatience

faceless man
doing all harm
it's getting harder to breathe
as the flames suffocate my soul
the dying left dead
and the evil remain
sickened by the demon
thats crawling through your veins

I will end this war
Track Name: Immortal Weapon
For those who bear the mark
this "X" is my immortal weapon
in this war to keep my mind
free and clear

armed with this
I will never surrender my identity
I will never relinquish my control
my destiny is in my hands

no temptation, no surrender, I am free and clear

There is no force or power
stronger than this conviction
there is no end in sight
straight edge until my dying breath